Clark Real Estate brand project

Brand & Logo Development

Does your business have a consistent brand? If it doesn’t, or if it needs refreshing, or if you’re not sure your brand is working for you – please contact us.

Branding and re-branding are our favourite projects – we love the strategy, planning, and creative processes involved.

A brand is much more than just a logo. It’s the window to your business’s soul, your reputation, and your values. It’s the equivalent of what people say about you when you’re not in the room. So, it’s really important that you get it right!

The brand development process involves determining your business purpose, goals, values, and strategies. This then extends to the creative design, imagery, marketing and all areas of the business – including the premises, staff and operations.

If your brand is not clear and consistent, how can you expect you clients to understand or interpret what you offer? Or worse, if your brand is at odds with, or doesn’t match your service or client expectations, then you have a problem.

Please Contact Us to discuss undertaking a Brand Audit or re-brand for your business. We would love to assist you.

Clark Real Estate: Brand Development case study.


“We are thrilled with our new brand developed by Melanie. We needed someone to manage and create our new brand, including the strategic marketing process, design and images. Melanie has helped create a new look for our business that we are very proud of. Thanks Mel.” – Mario & Annette Lattanzi, Clark Real Estate

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