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our planet travel

Our Planet Travel was founded by Melanie Grevis-James in 2012, to promote sustainable tourism and encourage responsible travel, including Indigenous travel and volunteer travel experiences.

Melanie has worked with ecotourism operators and within the ecotourism industry for many years. Her passion for promoting sustainable travel began in 1994 while completing a research project on the Queensland ecotourism industry, while it was very much in its infancy stages. Melanie’s love for the environment, nature, and travel is an inherited gift from her parents (who are still avid travellers and Outback campers), and the family’s numerous Outback and 4×4 camping adventures during her childhood.

Our Planet Travel magazine was the first and only magazine dedicated to sustainable travel in Australia – showcasing small ecotourism operators in particular. Melanie’s goals are to create awareness for responsible travel products and experiences, encourage travellers to make wiser travel choices, and support the environment and local communities. Due to unsustainable printing costs, the printed version of the magazine was stopped in 2017; however the blog and campaign continue and are still an important part of the business.

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If you have any questions or would like to get involved in Our Planet Travel please Contact Melanie direct.