Pricing – what will it cost me?

As a boutique marketing business, Planet Marketing is proud of providing very personalised services for our clients.

We understand the needs of small businesses with limited budgets and have built our reputation on providing value-for-money effective marketing solutions with custom pricing. We don’t have expensive and unnecessary overheads, and we don’t have an expensive flashy CBD office location.

Our focus is firmly on providing quality service and building strong working relationships with our clients – After all, a happy customer is the best method of successful marketing!

Prices charged for our services are determined based on your needs. Written quotes are provided for all proposed work.

For longer-term and ongoing projects, all hours are reported on a fortnightly or monthly basis and we only charge for actual time/hours of work completed.

*Special rates and pro-bono arrangements can be negotiated for NFPs, conservation groups, and charities.

To obtain a quote, please Contact Us to discuss how we can assist you and your business with your marketing needs.

Page photo credit: @ Katie Bennett | Embellysh Photography