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Sustainability and living responsibly are a key focus and value for the Planet Marketing team, both within our business and at home. We care about our planet (hence our business name), cultures and communities, and do as much as we can to help protect them. It is an important part of who we are, and this philosophy extends to our business and how we work with clients.

Sustainable practices have been implemented in our business, and although Planet Marketing is a small business, we take corporate responsibility and protecting our environment seriously.

Sustainable Business Practices:

  • Reducing waste in the office
  • Reducing energy useage – eg. turning off all appliances when not in use
  • Purchasing eco-friendly products wherever possible – including paper (FSC certified and recycled) & recycled print cartridges
  • Avoid printing and paper use wherever possible
  • Recycle – paper, print cartridges, batteries
  • Source and support local products, businesses and services
  • Support local community groups and volunteer activities – including Ashgrove The Gap Lions Club, Rotary Club of Ashgrove The Gap, and Yoorala St Community Garden and others
  • Carbon offset travel
  • All cleaning products used in the office are eco-friendly
  • Avoid plastic use wherever possible
  • Avoid air-conditioning & heating as much as possible – and setting it at the opitmal temperature to save energy
  • Founder of: Our Planet Travel – promoting eco travel and living
  • Work with and recommend partners who also take their environmental and corporate responsibility seriously
  • Treat partners, staff, clients & suppliers ethically and with respect
  • Employ local staff

Encouraging and assisting clients to adopt their own sustainable practices is another way we support businesses. This creates better outcomes for their business’s financial state of wellbeing, as well as their clients, staff and community.

We enjoy working with clients to discover and design ways in which their business and marketing can become more sustainable; to make corporate responsibility a key part of their business decision making and operations.

Naturally better marketing…

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