Photography Photo credit Trudy Cadoo and Kelly Adams

Impressive and effective photography is something Planet Marketing is very passionate about. As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words”. Make sure your images are saying what they should about your business!

First impressions count – poor quality and unsuitable images create a bad impression and let your business down.

Images and video content have become much more critical to get right, compete, and stand out from the crowd. Images need to be good quality, reflective of your brand, right for the purpose, and importantly, you need to ensure you have the legal right to use them.

We strongly recommend to clients that you create your own images. Getting a photo shoot done to create a small library of unique images for marketing purposes is a small price to pay for quality and legal security. We also encourage the use of photographers who have a special and unique and natural style – creating images with real personality; and who are flexible and easy to work with. Make sure you develop a photography brief so your photographer gets the right images for your business – Planet Marketing can provide this service.

High quality and suitable images are essential for promoting a professional image to potential clients. If you use words, images and videos of poor quality, or they don’t represent your product or service correctly, you can seriously damage your brand image and sales potential.

Planet Marketing can manage all your photography and image requirements – for both print and online; ensuring you have the correct image for the purpose required.


  • Develop your imagery plan & determine photography and/or video requirements
  • Photography brief for shoot shoots – to ensure you get the right image and format useful for marketing purposes
  • Manage and coordinate photo/video shoots and photographers
  • Image editing services
  • Video production & coordination (eg. company profiles, interviews, social media videos)
  • Photography for the tourism industry (nature & wildlife, tours, attractions, and accommodation)

Planet Marketing works with several local professional photographers. Up to three competitive quotes are obtained for clients from photographers for comparison purposes (if required). Or you can select a photographer of your choice.

Special note: The photographs featured on this website have been provided by the following photographers we work with – to showcase their work: Katie Bennett, Jannine Mcfarlane, Kelly Adams, Colin Bushell, Danielle Lancaster, and Melanie Grevis-James. Thanks everyone – we love your work!

Please Contact Us to discuss your photography needs.

Page photo credit:  © Trudy Cadoo Naturopath | Kelly Adams Photography