sustainable marketing

Is sustainability important to you? Have you considered how you can make your business more sustainable? What does sustainable marketing mean?

There is an ever-growing awareness and demand for corporate responsibility which is visible and transparent to customers. Consumers are seeking ‘greener’ and more sustainable products. Environmental considerations are becoming more important in consumer decision making, and avoiding ‘greenwashing’ is critical.

Business sustainability however doesn’t just refer to environmental considerations, it includes a focus on social and financial responsibility as well.

Sustainable marketing means that your marketing activities are aligned with your ‘purpose’ and your corporate responsibility towards people, profit, and the planet. It means your marketing processes are sustainable, ethical and honest, not that you are promoting sustainability itself.

“For Planet Marketing this means serving small businesses who want flexible marketing services and tailored advice from someone they can trust; who really understands small business needs; and who doesn’t sell them what they don’t need. Marketing services are based on genuine, caring and sustainable principles – for the owner, the business, the community, and the planet.” – Melanie Grevis-James

Planet Marketing specialises in helping you create and promote your business’s ‘purpose’ effectively through your marketing – developing sustainable business practices, implementing changes to capture more of this discerning and aware audience, and how to stand out from the crowd.

We work very closely with our clients to build business sustainability with a personal approach. Better for your business, better for your community, and better for the environment.

Naturally better marketing…

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