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Marketing Strategy Plan

Do you have a marketing strategy plan? Even if it is a very simple plan, any plan is better than none! If you don’t have one – Planet Marketing is here to help you develop one.

A marketing strategy plan is critical to a business – to achieve effective marketing and successful business outcomes the marketing plan must support the overall business goals and strategies. A marketing plan provides you with a ‘road map’ to budget, implement and measure all your marketing activities. If you can’t or don’t measure the results of your marketing activities, you have no idea if they are working or not.

To avoid the pitfalls of a ‘scatter-gun’ approach to marketing and advertising, a plan is essential. A plan also helps avoid wasting time, effort, and money on marketing activities that are not suited to your business.

The marketing plan provides focus to enable the business owner to manage workload, responsibilities, budget and staff. We can work with you to develop a tailor-made marketing plan to suit your business and budget.

You can implement all the recommended marketing activities and strategies yourself (DIY marketing), or Planet Marketing can assist you further by implementing the marketing activities for you.

What is a Marketing Strategy Plan?

A marketing strategy plan generally includes the following key elements:

  • Marketing objectives (supporting overall business goals)
  • Marketing strategies
  • Target markets
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor audit
  • Marketing action plan
  • Timelines for implementation
  • Budget
  • Measurement processes

The success of a marketing plan however is not what is contained in the plan, but the effectiveness and practicality of the implementation – if it can’t be implemented by the business it is worthless. That’s why we ensure our plans are practical, easy to follow, provide set timelines, affordable, and fully budgeted.

Developing a detailed marketing plan is a time-consuming process, especially if extensive research, budgeting and planning is required. Costs start from approx $2500+gst for a basic plan for a small business or community group; up to approx $7000+gst for a fully-budgeted strategic marketing plan with detailed action plan and content plan.

Other options:

Please Contact Us to discuss developing a marketing strategy plan for your business; or call 0409 440 501.