Logo Creation Tips and Tricks 

Creating a recognisable brand for your business is important, and a major part of any brand is a logo. This could mean modernising an existing logo or creating a new logo entirely. Here are some logo creation tips and tricks. 

Think about your design

Make sure your logo is a true representation of your business and matches your values and mission. For example, if you provide a high-end luxury product or service, make sure your logo reflects this.  

  • Colours – Keep to a maximum of 3 colours, ideally as part of a consistent brand look. Consider where and how the logo will be used. It shouldn’t clash with other colours or blend into the background.  
  • Font – A maximum of 2 fonts should be used in a logo. Make sure both are legible! Keep it clean and simple, and make sure all letters are available in upper and lower case so you can use the font elsewhere in your branding where suitable. Consider how the font will work also on signage, packaging, merchandise and other applications.   
  • Don’t include fine details in the logo. These get lost and are not recognisable when the logo is reduced to a small size on social media profiles, etc. Make sure the logo is still clear when it is viewed in a small size (like on your phone or in the distance on a sign).  

Use a professional designer

Not sure where to start? You want a logo you are proud of that will work for years to come, so find a graphic designer to help you. This ensures the end result looks professional and will work in various applications (for example, different colour combinations for the web such as a white logo for a dark background and coloured logo for a white background). Feel free to contact us for a shortlist of designers.  

Create a logo brief

Provide a full brief to the graphic designer. This means giving them as much detail as possible to help them create a suitable logo. This avoids wasted time, money, and disappointment that the result is not what you were expecting.  

The logo brief should include details about your business values, target audience, brand style, colours and fonts you prefer (see tip above re colours), and the tone you wish to portray.  

Test your logo

Make sure you get feedback and test all of your logo versions prior to making a final decision – what you personally like or prefer may not resonate with your target audience. You don’t want to inadvertently alienate people if your logo isn’t appealing or gives the wrong impression.  

  • Test the logo in different applications prior to the final decision – how will it work on signage, packaging, on different coloured backgrounds, on merchandise (including clothing), on social media?  
  • Make sure the logo works in landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) format, or have 2 versions created to suit both. 

Ensure the logo will work in different image and colour formats, often required by certain publications or event organisers. If you’re not sure about this one, check with your graphic designer. 

Protect your logo

Do your research. Make sure you are not infringing on anyone else’s logo, copyright, or trademark. Make sure your logo is designed from scratch for you. To safeguard your logo, getting it trademarked is recommended.  

Your shiny new logo

No matter what the purpose of creating your new or refreshed logo is, make sure it matches your existing branding and the image of your business that you wish to advertise to customers.  

We hope these tips help you with creating or updating your logo. Alternatively, if you’d like assistance creating your logo or have any questions, please get in touch. All logo projects are quoted on an individual basis to suit client needs. Small business logo projects can be simple, while more complex logo projects can require multiple options and stakeholder engagement.  

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